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AOL Desktop Gold

If you are planning to switch to latest AOL Desktop Gold then here are some of the best features then you must go through. Follow the following content to get the complete overview of AOL Desktop Gold. Moreover, if you are not sure about how to download or install AOL Desktop Gold then follow the mentioned steps and the content below. By the end of this article, you will have the complete knowledge of AOL Desktop Gold. And to get the solutions for any issue related to AOL Desktop Gold, you can contact AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-833-327-1999.

To download and install AOL Desktop Gold, here are the steps and process that will guide you, step-wise-step, to install the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold.

To Download AOL Desktop Gold follow the following steps:

You will have three levels, based on which you need to follow the process for downloading Desktop Gold.

  1. If you are having a Membership

If you’re already a member or if you are using AOL Advantage Plan Membership then AOL will not cost you with any additional charges. Follow the following steps to get the AOL Desktop Gold installed:

  1. Sign in to your AOL Account at
  2. You will find “All Products”, scroll down to “AOL Desktop Gold”.
  3. Click “Download”
  4. Now to install the AOL Desktop gold follow the installation process mentioned below.


  1. If you are having AOL Subscription or you have AOL Desktop Gold Trial


If you have the subscription or else if you have AOL Desktop Gold Trial then you need to carry out the following process to get the AOL Desktop Gold downloaded:


  1. First of all sign into “”
  2. Click “Manage My Subscriptions”
  3. Now click on to “Premium Subscription” tab
  4. Click “Get Started” under “AOL Desktop Gold”
  5. And finally to install, follow the following mentioned “installation steps”


  1. If you have received Official AOL Sign up Confirmation Email

Sometimes AOL send you the signup confirmation to your Email address, so you can make changes and download the AOL Desktop Gold from there as well. To get started to follow the following steps:


  1. Search for the AOL Mail in your inbox, subjected as “Get Started With AOL Desktop Gold” or “Start Enjoying New AOL Desktop”
  2. If you find the mail, open it.
  3. Click on “Download AOL Desktop Gold” or “Update Now”
  4. Search in your Download folder for the file and click “Save”
  5. Now, to install follow the following mentioned “Installation”

If none of the above downloading link or process is been available to you then you can contact the AOL Professional Technicians for help and support. They will provide you the help you need and solve each and every issue of yours. To contact AOL Professionals, you need to call AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-833-327-1999 (Toll-Free). They will provide you the genuine link to download your AOL Desktop Gold.

And to install the Desktop Gold, follow the following steps carefully:

Installation of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Open “Downloads” in your system
  • You will find the “Install_AOL_Desktop” icon, double-click on the icon. A security window will be opened on your screen
  • Click on “Run”
  • Now click on “Install Now”. This step may take you over to another step to either “import your emails” or “Uninstall older Version”. Click “Yes” and “Ok”.

With that last step, you are all done and set to use “AOL Desktop Gold” on your system. If you face some issues or if you do not still get your Desktop Gold installed properly then you can contact AOL Desktop Gold Support Number to have free assistance and get yourself sorted and have the authentic solutions for your issue.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How AOL Desktop Gold is is better as compared to Older Version of AOL?

Ans. To make AOL Desktop Gold easily accessible for its users, the designing and features are mostly similar as to the older version. All your information like your username, passwords, toolbar icons, emails, contacts etc will be transferred to your new account. Apart from that the latest version “AOL Desktop Gold” offers enhanced security to prevent your AOL Account from being hacked or miss-used. The new AOL Desktop comes with two-step authentication process, in which apart from your password it requires another form of security authentication, hence helps you to have your account and data from being compromised.

Q2. What is extra or new in the latest AOL Desktop Gold?

Ans: Though all the software and features are same as that of old AOL Desktop with more secure and faster.

AOL has automated the downloading and installation processes, plus the timely updating of software can also happen automatically, giving you an un-interrupted and best experience.

Some of the new and updated processes include:

Automatic Updating Software:

  • It automatically updates to the latest version to give you the uninterrupted functioning and performance.
  • Due to its automatic updating features, it also replaces the older updates, making space for the new updates and features.

Advanced Technology:

  • Now it has improved speed and high performance
  • Lesser Errors and crashes

Customize your fonts and other Text Options

  • You can now personalize your preferences, text, and style by changing your fonts and text sizes.

High-Security Feature:

  • It comes with the two-step verification process so that your account could not be hacked or miss-used. Two-step authentication requires a strong password and also there’s a security question that you need to answer and your answer will be saved in the database. So whenever in future you need to login to your account, in addition to the password you have to answer the saved question. This way it will become more secure and there will be fewer chances that your account is been miss-used.

Simple Installation Process

  • The new AOL comes with simplified download and installation steps that can save your time and frustration

Similar Looks and Feel:

  • The new avatar of AOL is similar to that of the older version. You need not learn anything new; its features and tools are very similar to that of the older version.
  • This way you are very comfortable and familiar with your account and its features.

Recovery of Your Old Data:

  • It automatically imports all of your and information like username, passwords, toolbar icons etc to your new account.
  • You can also run the manual import, from “File” menu.

Updated Browser

  • It quickly saves all your favorite websites and other to your “Favourites” and “Toolbar
  • All your favorite websites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc are self-loaded and it will be faster to load than before.

Q3: How can I make AOL Desktop Gold my default browser and Email Client?

Ans. If you wish to make your AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser or email client you must follow the following points:

  1. Open your AOL Desktop Gold
  2. Log In to your account using your “username” and “password
  3. Click “Settings
  4. Now you will find “General” tab, click on “Make Default
  5. A new window will open up, Click on “Default Apps” tab and go to “Web Browser” and if you want to change Email client click on “Email” section.
  6. You will get a drop-down menu, from there select “AOL Desktop Gold” and you are all set.

Q4: How to Enable or Disable Browser Password Manager?

Ans: The Browser Password Manager provides security and easy management for your passwords and other sensitive information. To enable or disable Password manager AOL Desktop Gold follow the following steps:

Step1. At the top menu of your AOL Desktop Gold Window, click on “Keyword” and then click on “Go to Keywords

Step2. A window will appear, type “Browser Setting” there, and then “Enter” and click “Go

Step3. Click on the “Browser Tab” on the left side. In the Browser Settings Click on “Password

Step4. You will find a box next to “Offer to save passwords I enter on the Web” check mark the box there to enable the Password Manager and to “disable” remove the check mark.

Step5. Exit out of the setting window and you are done!

Q5. What are the system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold?

  • To upgrade your system to AOL Desktop Gold Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Your computer processor should be faster than 266MHz
  • Recommended Screen Resolution must be 1024 x 768.
  • 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space.
  • Un-interrupted and fast Internet Connection

Que6. What kind of support does my Monthly Subscription Plan of AOL Desktop Gold include?

Ans: Depending on your plan you, will receive the following AOL Services:

  • AOL Email issues regarding login, authentication, Misplaced Emails and other AOL Mail Issues.
  • Software issues like AOL Desktop Installations, ToolBar Customization, Connectivity and other issues with AOL Desktop favorites
  • Membership Activation and Benefits.

Que7. Where and how I can get the support or assistance regarding any issue in AOL Desktop Gold?

Ans: If you are facing some sort of issue with your AOL Desktop Gold, and you need some expert help or assistance then you must contact to AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-833-327-1999, anytime. AOL Technicians are available 24*7 to give you free assistance and guidance. They are very helpful and understand your issues deeply and give you 100% genuine support and solutions. If you are stuck into some kind of issue that you are unable to solve on your own or if you need guidance with any AOL Software you are free to call the AOL Desktop Gold Support number anytime.


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