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Enjoy the latest AOL Desktop Gold with its similar looks and advanced features. AOL has become more easy, faster and secure with AOL Desktop Gold. in addition, if you have any issue or query regarding AOL Desktop Gold you can always turn up to the AOL Customer Support, who are available 24×7 every day.

AOL Customer Support Number +1-833-327-1999.

Most Frequently People wonder:

How is AOL Desktop Gold better?

AOL Desktop Gold provides you the best security feature so that your AOL account will not get compromised. It offers two-step verification process which needs a second form of authorization in addition to your password. Also, the encrypted personal information makes it difficult to read the data you’ve entered in AOL Desktop.

The benefits of AOL Desktop Gold doesn’t end here, it also has the following features:

AOL Desktop Gold Automatic Updates Itself

  • It always updates to its latest software version.
  • Since it automatically updates and replaces the old updates with the new ones, therefore, needs less space.

Its Advanced Technology has

  • Improved speed and performance
  • Fewer errors and crashes

Customized Font and Text Options

  • You can access your personalized and unique style by changing text and font sizes

Two-Step Verification Process

  • It helps you to prevent your AOL account from being ill-used or hacked

Easy to Install

  • It has fewer and faster steps to download and install AOL Desktop Gold

Similar Look and Feel

  • It has the same look and feels so there is no confusion while working or learning and you can feel comfortable while using the new AOL Desktop Gold
  • Easy-to-use navigation that you’ve already used and worked on

Import Data Automatically

  • Automatically imports data from the older version including usernames, saved passwords, toolbar icons, and mail
  • You can also manually run an import process from the File menu.

Your Contacts and Favorites can be stored on AOL servers

  • Your favorites and contacts will be stored on AOL servers and not your desktop/computer.

Updated Web Browser

  • Saves your favorite websites to Favorites and the Toolbar
  • Which makes it faster to load your favorite websites, like Facebook or Pinterest

How Can You Install and Download AOL Desktop Gold?

  • You can download and install AOL Desktop Gold from:
  • Through Older Version
  • From AOL Email for Updation
  • From Web-Browser
  • Via AOL Desktop
  • From Windows File Explorer

To know the proper process and for any other query you can ask the experts to assist you and guide you. You can always seek help from AOL Customer Support, they are available all days around the clock.

How to reach AOL Customer Support?

  • To seek AOL Customer Support assistance you can contact AOL Executives anytime at +1-833-327-1999.
  • They listen to your queries and issues with patience and gives the authentic solutions.
  • Tech-savvy executives are available for you 24×7 and all days in a year
  • They have years of experience and Satisfied Customers.
  • Call now for free assistance and better solutions. Toll-Free and no hidden charges.
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