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AOL Desktop Gold is a newly updated web browser by AOL. The AOL Desktop Gold browser contains many features which not only help its users for safe browsing but it also enhances the performance of your work. If you are using AOL mail then you are advised to use this browser because it is much safer and faster than the previous one. Are you are facing technical issues with your AOL Desktop Gold? Then simply get help from the AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service.  You can do many things with the help of AOL Desktop Gold like you can browse websites, you can do email, and Instant Messaging too via same application easily. You can download this latest version of AOL browser from the official website. Now you can work much faster with high security while using the AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Desktop Gold vs Older AOL Version:

With the help of latest AOL Desktop Gold, you get various enhanced security features with the help of which you can surf the internet safely. With AOL you simply get a two-step verification process so that no one can steal your password. The second form of authentication is used in AOL Desktop Gold so that your AOL account does not get compromised. There are many extra added encryptions that makes your personal information much more secured.

You will see that the design and features of AOL Desktop Gold are similar to the previous versions because that gives it a smooth transition. When you will change yourself from AOL software to the AOL Desktop Gold your usernames, passwords, and much more will be automatically transferred to the Gold.

AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service +1-833-327-1999.

What is new in the AOL Desktop Gold?

The AOL Desktop Gold is very much similar to the AOL Desktop Software, but it comes with more secure and faster browsing features.

Latest features and updates used in AOL Desktop Gold

Automatic Updates:

  • You will receive automatic updates with AOL Desktop Gold and it also takes very less storage on your computer system.

Advanced Technology Used:

  • Latest and advanced technology is used in AOL desktop Gold so that it can save your time plus you will get improved speed and performance.
  • The browser will run very smoothly and you will face very less error plus very fewer crashes.

Two-Screen Verification Process:

  • The AOL Desktop Gold contains a two-screen verification process so that your AOL account does not get compromised or hacked.

Very Simple Installation Process:

  • There are very fewer steps involved in downloading and installing your AOL Desktop Gold.
  • If the download and install process is quick then it automatically saves your time.

Same Look And Feel As Before:

  • Yes, you will have the same look and feel like the previous version so you do not have to learn something new, this will also give you confidence because now you can AOL Desktop without a learning curve.
  • Easy-to-use navigation

There Are Some Import Wizard:

  • You can import your previously used usernames, passwords, toolbar icons to the AOL Desktop Gold.
  • This import option is provided to you in the File menu.

Latest And Updated Web Browser:

  • You can save your favorite website very quickly now with the AOL Desktop Gold browser.
  • Very less time in loading a website.

These are some of the features of AOL Desktop Gold and if you want to know them in brief then you can call on the AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Number .

What is the browser Password Manager In AOL Desktop Gold:-

With the help of a browser password manager, you can safeguard your online passwords and credentials. Your passwords and credentials are so important and AOL Desktop gives you the opportunity to safeguard them with the help of browser Password Manager. Get help from AOL Desktop Gold Helpline Number if you are facing any issue. AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Number +1-833-327-1999.

AOL Desktop Gold TroubleShooting:-
What To Do If You Are Unable To Install AOL Desktop God:

There are two solutions to this:-

  • First, check the minimum system requirements. AOL Desktop gold does not support the older windows version. If you are using an OS previous than windows 7 then AOL Desktop Gold will not work.
  • Restarting your computer system might help you because there may be some running process that can affect the installation process of AOL Desktop Gold.
How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Errors:

For fixing the AOL Desktop Gold Errors you can call on the toll-free AOL Technical Support Number +1-833-327-1999. This number is toll-free and you will be confronted by the Experienced AOL Technical team who will be going to talk with you in a very friendly manner.

How to resolve to detect an outdated browser error?

AOL Desktop Gold updates itself automatically and if you are getting an error which says outdated browser then you can do one thing you can close your browser and then reopen it. By doing this you AOL Desktop Gold will updates itself automatically.

What To Do When You Are Unable To Play Certain Games On

Are you facing issues with Pogo games? Then that is because AOL Desktop Gold does not support Java plugin. Some of the games in Pogo uses java plugins which are simply unsupported by AOL Desktop Gold. AOL Desktop Gold Support Number .

Where To Enter AOL Desktop Gold Email Password?

There are 2 steps for signing process which are used in AOL Desktop Gold. In the first screen you have to put your screen name selection and after that, there will a second screen that comes where you can type your password and remember if you give a check to the save password option then you can skip your second screen process.

If you still are confronting any issues then contact the AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Phone Number.

The AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Number toll-free so you don’t have to spend any penny of yours.

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