Windows Live Mail Customer Support

Windows Live Mail Customer Support

Windows Live Mail Customer Support

Windows Live Mail is a discontinued freeware email client from Microsoft. It was formerly known by the name (Windows Live Mail Desktop). It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8 and also Windows 10. There were 5 different versions of Windows Live Mail which were provided by Microsoft and Microsoft also offers Windows Live Mail Customer Support if in case the users are in any trouble.

Versions of Windows Live Mail:-

  • Version 12 (Wave 2)
  • The Version 2009 (Wave 3)
  • Version 2011(Wave 4)
  • Replacement
  • Version 2012 (Wave 5)

There are various reasons that make Windows Live Mail Client most preferred mail client in the world. It hiked the Email Market because of its numerous useful features.

Although it was developed by most reliable houses (Microsoft), there are many issues that users face in Windows Live Mail. If you wait for some time some issues may get fixed automatically, but some issues are so critical that a customer will require an assistance for them. Customers don’t have to worry because there is official Windows Live Mail Care that is available to resolve the issues and if they fail to resolve them then we are also available 24/7 for the customer assistance. Our technicians are highly qualified and they will help you to resolve all your issues.

24/7 Customer support is very important because an error can occur anytime. We provide an instant support for our customers. Third party services can turn out better as compared to the official service providers because third-party service providers are rated high in customers satisfaction.

What are the issues that a customer can face in Windows Live Mail:-

  • Unable to send email
  • Unable to receive email
  • The account is not opening
  • Account got hacked
  • Forgot your email password
  • Unable to access your email account

Customers can take the services of official Windows Live Mail Care but we are third party service providers and we are more reliable and we provide a relevant support.

You can get help from Official Windows Live Mail:-

  • Live Mail support Page
  • Windows Live Mail Chat process
  • Official Community
  • Through Email
  • Phone Number

How we are better than Official Windows Live Mail:-

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Instant Support
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Solution to every problem
  • If Phone Support does not work out. We can take the remote access of your computer to fix the problem.
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